By Courtney Sandora, Go Social

The novel coronavirus pandemic has created massive economic uncertainty. Many small businesses are scaling back marketing activities, or stopping them altogether. Below are three reasons why you should continue to market even when doors are closed.

  1. Less Noise: As other companies pull back to save money there’s less chatter out there which means you can make more of an impact with your message now than perhaps three months ago. 
  2. Sign of Strength: People are looking for hope, smiles and  companies who are showing strength during this time. Customers will remember you as someone who didn’t throw in the towel but actually stood strong and held a torch for others. 
  3. Recover Quickly. Whether it was a war or a recession, history has shown that brands who kept marketing during the hard times recovered more quickly when the economy came back. If you have the ability to stay connected to your customers now you can pick up where you left off even if they aren’t buying at the moment. 

If you’re interested in marketing during this time, we’ve partnered with two other Golden marketers to help local businesses stay present in the community and gain exposure, with little to no up-front cost. 

Take a look at our package now or read on to find out more about the expert contributors.

Magazine sponsorship by Meg Smit

As the local publisher of Applewood Living and Golden Living, Meg is in the living room business, not the billboard business. These hyperlocal publications place your business front and center amidst positive, uplifting content and are mailed to the affluent influencers who live in Golden and Applewood.

She does this by partnering with residents, community and civic leaders of our community to provide them with their own exclusive, high-end monthly magazine that is ALL about their neighbors.

Social media by Courtney Sandora of GoSocial

A Golden resident and ten-year veteran of the social media world, Courtney has helped clients large and small create social content and manage their social accounts. In addition to creating conversations on brand pages, Courtney has helped clients receive buzz with influencers and traditional media.  

While her wheelhouse is food and beverage, particularly whiskey, she’s helped a variety of industries reach their customers and grow.

Written content campaigns by Georgina Miller of Crabapple Communications

Georgina Miller provides written content services such as articles, blogs and email campaigns. She has over a decade’s experience in content marketing and public relations, working with clients around the world in a variety of industries – from technology, to law and hospitality – and with businesses both large and small. She helps her clients find their voice and communicate with their audiences in a compelling and authentic way.