In thinking through a PR strategy that works, it may be helpful to get a group of friends, co-workers, or investors together and have a brainstorm session using the SWOT method.  The chamber has offered classes on SWOT, and it can be highly beneficial.  This method helps identify the strengths and weaknesses in your plans or business, and helps you clarify your objectives.  You can brainstorm based on 4 basic questions:

1.       Strengths:  What are our strengths?  What do you do well?  How can you communicate that?

2.       Weaknesses:  What are your weak areas, and how might you improve them?  Do you have any limitations or defects that hold your product back?  What are the weaknesses of your particular plan as a result?  How will you address these as you advertise our product?

3.       Opportunities:  What new opportunities or favorable situations are presenting themselves, and how can you capitalize on them in your communication to your clients or stakeholders?

4.       Threats:  What are the obstacles in your way?  What is holding you back, whether it be competition, staffing, shifting economy?  How can your communication address those challenges?

Have had the opportunity to walk through this process with several different groups, and it has been highly beneficial.  May it bring you continued success as well!

Jeff Fox
The Fox Group at Keller Williams Avenues