In thinking about Performance Management for my business, it seems to point me back to my own performance management of my life and family. I have found that often I can get so focused on my business goals that I neglect the other huge side of my life: my own personal and family life. I would like to take a moment and reflect on some questions to ask ourselves as we are setting goals and evaluating our performance. These questions have challenged me to look at the bigger picture, knowing that how well I do in these areas tends to directly affect how well I am meeting my business goals.

  1. Am I becoming a better person, friend, and/or parent? What do I need to take out or add to improve?
  2. Have I found healthy balance between work, family, health and spiritual life? Do I have a specific plan that will help accomplish this balance?
  3. How would I be remembered by people in my life if I were to pass away? What would be written on my gravestone? Am I content with the answer or do changes need to happen?
  4. What adjustments need to be made in order not only to be a successful business person, but a happy and grateful person as well?

Along with a mission statement for your business, try a mission statement for your life on the whole. This will keep the things you value and want to pursue at the forefront of your mind. It is a great exercise to step back, evaluate and look at the big picture with a renewed passion to get it right.


Jeff Fox
The Fox Group at Keller Williams Avenues Realty