Networking is so important in the business community and several great networking tips have been shared in previous blogs.  Yet when we network, how do we get people to remember us?  One great way to leave a lasting impression is to give.  How we give back to our community and our peers can have a lasting effect.  When we offer something of value, and when we recognize the value in others, we will stand out in a unique way.  In a society that rewards success and profit, you will be set apart when you give of your time, talents, and resources to bless others.  By giving, you can both do some good and leave a lasting impression at the same time.  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Give financially and volunteer consistently to a local charity you care about.
  2. Look for ways to use your business to bless organizations, schools or charities
  3. Encourage others in the Golden business community through your words, a written note or presence.


Jeff Fox

The Fox Group at Keller Williams Avenues Realty